Earn money and help TAT at the same time!

Okay Friends,

We have the opportunity to make some money for CH. 61/TAT in a very simple way that won’t actually cost anyone any money.

Go to Ad2Me.com and go to the Get Paid link at the top. Fill out the short form (took me 3 minutes) and where it says “Were you referred to us by a friend?” You click yes, and two more spaces will appear. You put Ch. 61/TAT and the phone number 918-695-2153.

On the next page of the form, you get to choose and tailor the amount of text ads you will receive, when you receive them and on what day. For instance, if I want one ad a day at noon, I can choose that. If I want only one ad a week on Saturday at 3pm, I can choose that. It is nice because the power is with the person. I personally chose to receive one a day six days a week at 2pm CST. :)

Each text that someone gets will net Ch. 61 a nickel. My goal is to have 20,000 people receiving 1 text a week which would net Ch. 61 $1000 a week. Imagine how much many materials we would able to print and distribute…the video would get fully funded, copied and distributed, we would be able to travel to more trucking shows. There is great potential here.

The cost to the person signing up for these texts? Maybe a slight annoyance when the text they get is an ad and not a friend messaging.

The benefit to the person signing up for these texts? Besides the person also receiving a nickel per text they receive (check mailed to them when they reach $50) they will also help end human trafficking and support our Truckers Against Trafficking initiative.

I believe the benefit far outweighs the cost. Let us reach this goal of 20,000 people. The website launches November 8th…we can get people signed up starting NOW!

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